Happy Belated Birthday, Josh!

Happy Belated Birthday Josh! We had dinner at Kettlebar at the Anaheim Packing District.

1440979541226 Selfie!


The Kettlebar serves cajun food like Ritters, but I think this is better.




Kettlebar Pan Roast

20150822_212835Finished this off with some crepes at the Crepe Co-op

This place was very crowded on Saturday night. I wanted to try Pop Bar but the waiting for one hour for a popsicle wasn’t worth it. Maybe next time.

Anaheim Packing District
440 S Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

Thursday Sharing

I think I am aspiring to become that type of Dog Mom.

I think I am come up with my own version of cheap LA meals with me and K for less than 20 dollars!

A terrifying/exciting sky pool — maybe we’ll go to South London in a future summer.

Learning to Breathe Fire by J.C. Herz – A book about CrossFit and follows the history of CrossFit. There are a handful of vignettes about people from different walks of life on how they got into CrossFit from gymnast enthusiasts to those who have never ran a mile their entire. I’m about 75% done with the book and so far reviewing it as a non-CrossFitter, it’s interesting how far and how fast this CrossFit business has come along. As a non-CrossFitter, it still didn’t inspire me to go sign up at a CrossFit gym because it’s very expensive. However I did angle my thoughts on this book rather differently.

As I was reading, I was thinking about other things: what lessons did I learn from this book, and what can I parallel to my work and home life? The CrossFit community started off as a humble underground fitness group renting a small space in a martial arts gym in Santa Cruz. Glassman was able to harness technology and community engagement through his website to make CrossFit rise the way it did. Funny thing too is that I am currently taking a Certificate at a University through my work and we’re going over different Socialization Theories over the course of one’s lifespan; I thought this kind of fits in how different types of people fell in love with CrossFit despite age, athletic background, and physical limitations.

(I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.)

Braving the Heat at the Santa Clarita Food Truck Saturday

It’s been a hot all weekend, but we still went out yesterday and met up with friends at the Santa Clarita Food truck Saturdays. This is not as big as the Granada Hills Food Truck Fridays, but it’s all good. We even took Teddy out and people found him irresistible except for small children. Teddy loves kids especially toddlers and babies because they’re about his size but unfortunately, the toddlers and babies didn’t reciprocate, they just cried and their parents chuckled and comforted them.

Portabella mushroom sandwich with blue cheese. Warning: the mushroom was piping hot!

Carne Asada fries from Go Fusion N Grill. It tastes nowhere near the carne asada fries from San Diego. It tastes a little sweet.

Coconut Pineapple Bread Pudding Cupcake from Dreamy Creations. It made think I should make cupcakes from stale bread in my pantry.

Thursday Sharing

Note to self:

To read: Paper Towns by John Green. Quentin has always admired Margo from afar thinking she was the most perfect human being. She’s pretty, popular, and goes on (mis)adventures. One day, a month before graduation, Margo sneaks into Quentin’s room and they spent the whole night running around Orlando suburbs avenging Margo’s now ex-friends. The following morning she disappears and Quentin and his friends try to find her with the clues she left behind. Spoiler Alert: The more I learn about Margo, the more I realize she’s probably not a great friend and overall, not a great human being. Everyone has praised someone from a distance (praised them more than they should), when come up close, that person turns out to be unrecognizable and disappointing. I do wonder if she’s mentally ill and has previously seen a therapist but failed to follow through. The ending was abrupt but I feel it allows ourselves to create our own ending. My version is maybe she realized it was time to grow up. Recommendation: Definitely NOT for people who like conventional happy endings. To me, the ending made sense — it was happy enough.


Waffles for dinner and dessert


Yesterday we finally got a chance to go  to the 626 Night Market at the Santa Anita Race Tracks. I remembered Night Markets when I was in Siem Riep and Bangkok–they’re popular around other parts of Asia too. I do miss Asian night life — it’s so lively.


Free sample of Kirin Ichiban topped with iced beer.    20150807_202634

Our first meal of the night, the Pho Waffle from Nam Gourmet.  Pretty Impressed. It does taste like pho in a sandwich form. Contains Belgian waffle, beef patty, lettuce, cilantro, bean sprout, basil, and pho spread.


Grilled squidDSC_3755

We didn’t try this but stand but this is a large squid on a stick.

The 626 has a lot of snack food and it can get pretty pricey. My husband wanted an actual meal so we went to Tasty Garden down the street from the Night Market.


Photo credit: My husband. It looks like my head is floating.


French style filet mignon.


Seaweed salad 20150807_215356

And we ended the night with Hong Kong style waffle.

Thursday Sharing

Have a dog? Check out Bark Box! Subscription boxes remove the hassle of shopping which makes life a lot easier for me. Maybe we’ll try this service after we come back from our Italy trip. We’ve had him for two weeks and we are spoiling him already. We can wait.

Love makes the world go weird!

Need to try these Noodle Houses and let’s also hike it off. 

If only I have known earlier when I was in college to not spend all my energy getting (read: trying to get) straight A’s. When I was in college I was already working to pay the rent and I was building networks everyday by participating in networking events and professional workshops. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have hit my for doing these things.

And 10 types of lists you need to make…Actually I’ve got plenty…which is more than the 10 listed.

To Read: Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. This story is about a girl who seemingly has the perfect life: she’s got a great career, makes great money, and a fiance from old money. The chapters alternate between her present life in New York City and her previous life growing up in the outskirts of the Philadelphia Main Line and fitting in with the rich Main Line kids at her fancy, private high school. You read about the events that unfold to her new self-crafted identity. Spoiler Alert: Please do not let the cover and the name TifAni FaNelli turn you off from reading the book. In the first few chapters it was hard to read because her name was tacky and she starts off as cartoonishly unlike-able. I felt maybe the hospital where she was born accidentally enabled Sticky Caps when creating her birth certificate. Anyways, if you were initially turned off by her as I have, I advise you just stick through it because by the time you get half way through the book, you won’t stop turning the page.


20150725_181409I visited my friends in the OC yesterday and we went to BurntZilla, a mini-hotdog and burger place using sweet Hawaiian rolls. For such small portions, it’s pretty dense and I was already getting full.

Pictured is the pork belly sandwich, the Dogzilla hotdog, tator tots, and sweet tea.

14413 Culver Dr
Irvine, CA 92604

Rainy Days in SoCal and a day trip to the OC

Yesterday was an unusual summer storm in SoCal. Yesterday morning, I removed more dead grass and weeds and trash from the parking strip and transferred the green grape plant to the ground.

After I was done, sat outside and read. As I was reading, I kept hearing so many thunderstorms, yet no rain. Then there was lightning and I decided it was time to go back inside.

My husband comes back from school and we head off to Orange County to meet up with a friend from the Bay area. We took him to our favorite place in the OC, the 4th Street Market. Then it started raining.

I went to MAR and got their poke bowl and a black rice horchata. 20150718_150216

Stopped by my favorite cookie place called Chunk-N-Chip. They didn’t have the Champagne cookies available but I did get the Rose Almond (left) and the Brioche cookies.

4th Street Market
201 E 4th St
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Then later that day, we met up with another friend at Ritter’s Steam Kettle Cooking, a cajun restaurant in Santa Ana. Perfect rainy day food.


The chefs make the the soups in front of you.

Ritter’s Clam Chowder. I asked for a 5 on the spicy scale and I couldn’t imagine how spicy New England style chowder would be. It was pretty spicy and I kept grabbing bread and water to ease the spiciness.20150718_183039My husband got the Etouffee with a 5 on the spiciness scale. Considering this is a tomato-based broth, it wasn’t as spicy as the Ritter’s Chowder.