100 Days of Home Improvement Day 80 to Day 86: Housewarming!

I may not have finished cleaning and painting all the grout and Khoi may not have completed the pavers by the time the housewarming was around but that’s ok. We did accomplish most of it and we were happy to host our housewarming to our family and friends.

We may not have remodeled and knocked down walls and completed furnishing our home, but that’s ok. When we do, that’s another reason to throw another celebration :-).

Unfortunately, we did not have time to take photos at the house warming party. There was a lot of food — a lot of food. I don’t think I’ll be making trips to Trader Joe’s for lunch for a while.

I’ve been eyeing some furniture for the addition and the dining room area. I’ve also been eyeing some artwork. But now for the wall space…and soon-to-be no wall space…I think we’ll wait.

Also, Khoi is done with the circuit to open the gate.

Weeds in the front yard and our grass strip of city land are mostly gone (thank you in-laws!).

Thursday Sharing

We love Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Concentrate — we currently have the Radish scent and it’s done a great job cleaning the floors, the fans, the sink, walls, , etc. Plus the house smell AMAZING!

I need to stop drinking coffee first thing in the morning. It can wait.

I’ve been writing a “Small Victories” journal, then I realize it was important to do some self-validation rather than to seek it from others.

We’ll never have a plastic pink flamingo in our front yard– so tacky.

100 Days of Home Improvement Day 73 to Day 79: We need more air plants


As of today we are on Day 79.

In the picture above is a glympse of our new patio furniture. You know what that means — my husband is almost done with the pavers about 95% done! Today we had our first dinner with our patio furniture and it wasn’t crazy hot.

I think having an outdoor rug would be a nice touch.

I’m also working on the last room cleaning the grout. Almost done :-).

And clearing out the clutter in the additional room.

We learned it helps to listen to podcasts while doing tedious house related work. Actually…not just tedious, more like mind-numbing and uninspiring. Listening to podcasts has helped us stay stimulated. We like Dan Carlin – Hardcore History and TED talk (for the shorter tasks). You can find these podcasts by downloading Podcast Republic on Android.

Thursday sharing

I tell my husband over and over again he is my favorite baby. I told my husband I won’t treat our kids like they’re the center of the universe — they’re going to learn they’re not.

I am planning a strawberry themed menu house warming party. I think Pressed Juicery Gelatin might be something I could add on the menu. I’ll take a Fruits 2 and 3 and for kicks, I’ll also take the green juice with jalapenos.

In what world do Ocean and Duke exist? Sounds extremely delirious, but yet this is marketing genius. I do remember myself and other girls like me graduating from college aspiring to be an Ocean but then reality happened — at that time, we graduated during the recession so jobs were scarce and most people shared rent on an apartment. Buying a piece of Lululemon are means you have a piece of Ocean and/or Duke.

I think my goal is to wake up early at least once time per week — slow down and not rush my day.

This awesome TED talk on jealousy. We do make up our own stories when we are jealous.

100 Days of Home Improvement Day 67 to Day 72: We need more air plants


Great new! Khoi is about 70% done working on the patio and I am at 70% done with working on the tiles. Other items we’ve done this past week:

– purchased a grill for our patio

– purchased an outdoor table and benches for our patio

– rearranged the furniture – moved the the bar table and bar stools from the office to the kitchen. I think this may be a more permanent thing — it’s now our breakfast nook.

– Went to the Pasadena Flea Market today hoping I could find a better deal on outdoor furniture. The furniture I liked was only for indoor furniture and instead of leaving the Flea Market empty-handed, I bought an air plant. I can’t wait to take down these blinds so we can hang more on the window

Thursday Sharing

Happy Thursday almost Friday everyone!

The cutest illustrations of true love ever! I wonder if this artist sells prints?

Things to do in LA this weekend. I wanted to brew some wild beer at Huntington Library but they’re sold out. There’s always the Balboa Strawberry Festival and they just opened up Dunkin’ Donuts!

This famous hand-holding couple got married — to be honest, I didn’t know they were dating.

And a little throwback Thursday, some international signs from Thailand trip:

100 Days of Home Improvement Day 59 to Day 66: Starting to feel like summer

100 Days of Home Improvement is a misnomer — we don’t do home improvement projects every single day. Times we find ourselves getting breaks in out-of-town trips and visits and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


I completed painting the grout in the kitchen and as you can see, Khoi is still working on the pavers. After 66 days, he broke ONE tile with a mallet.

It’s starting to feel like summer, maybe we should get a grill.